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I have no intention of adding 'media' to this site - video, audio, even photographs. This may change once I retire, but that won't be for another 30 years. Nor do I have any intention of running an Arab Strap fansite, news service or reunion campaign.

Disclaimer - at the end of 2008, I asked Malcolm Middleton and Aidan Moffat if they'd mind me adding an Arab Strap section to the Mogwai fansite Brightlight, specifically to bring together the numerous sources of touring, setlist and discography information. Malcolm said "Yes, feel free to go ahead". A year later, I got round to doing something about it. Much of the info is drawn from the fansite-which-became-the-official-site run by Clark Taylor. I've made numerous attempts to contact Clark to get his approval for the wholesale re-use of his work, but I've had no response to date [Dec 2009].