bright light ! discog

"zidane, a 21st century portrait" ost 23/10/2006

track listing

  • black spider
  • half time

    catalogue number

    ltd. 10" vinyl: pias [PIASX067T]

    single release to precede the 'zidane, a 21st century portrait' ost album. recording sessions took place in december 2005 and february 2006, at the band's 'castle of doom' studio in glasgow, with tony doogan producing. originally scheduled for release in mid-august 2006, but much-delayed. preceded by a digital single release of 'black spider' on 15th october.

    norman records review, 20th oct 2006

    single of the week

    sooooo if you didn't know there's a film coming out about zidane. if you're from another planet then you won't know he's an insanely talented french footballer who's feet are made of silk and magic. he's also rather famous for smacking that italian dude in the world cup final with his big clever football filled monkhead. golden tv moments eh.... they live on and on.....anyway mogwai are massive footie fans and thus fans of zidane.... consequently they've scored this film that's coming out soon (read first line again if you've forgotten what i'm on about). the album is proper lovely (will be cd only) but there's a 2 track 10" taster which features mogwai in their mostest great hauntingly gentle form. in fact mogwai are so cripplingly haunting you need to call 'most haunted live' in to sort out out after listening to them. this features 2 tracks called black spider which is simply absolutely gorgeous spine tingling cinematic post rock. the flipside is called half time (wonder where they got the inspiration for that one) and that's a piano led sombre atmospheric piece which sounds very 'film scoreish' and miserable. it's flipping' lovely and you get a pic of the sweating french wonderboy on the sleeve. top marks...- phil

    boomkat review, 20th oct 2006

    i can't say i've ever been interested in football... the very idea of the so called `beautiful' game sends shivers down my pasty spine, but i am very interested in mogwai, so for now i'll leave my prejudices at the door and review this record as best i can, trying not to pay attention to the fact it's football related. oh screw that, i can't ignore it can i - apparently this zidane chap is some kind of national hero in france, and mogwai have been kind enough to score a film dedicated to the man. this isn't just any old film though, this is 90 minutes of zidane playing a game, with 20 cameras poised on the man himself, rather than on the actual game. might make it more interesting for someone like me though? but i'm more interested in how mogwai interpret it, and from these two tracks they've got a funny way of portraying everyone's favourite headbutter. taking a marked departure from their quiet/loud/quiet/loud formula the scots have instead looked toward a sublime pastural sound wherein they create a brooding ambience and dark tension. i can't imagine this is the best way to show a footballer (hardly the most complex characters are they?) and using this technique to show a footballer actually footballing is surprisingly daring indeed. all we've got to judge it on though is the music itself and that, cut to a nice 10" vinyl, is utterly gorgeous. it's mogwai dammit, what else do you need to know? bring on the full album!...