bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ brookes university, oxford, uk 01/04/06


  • auto rock
  • you don't know jesus
  • friend of the night
  • yes! i am a long way from home
  • travel is dangerous
  • stanley kubrick
  • acid food
  • ithica 27/9
  • helicon 2
  • folk death 95
  • hunted by a freak
  • we're no here
  • glasgow mega-snake


  • my father my king

    support from the magnificents.


    from iain eglinton:

    point of note:

  • my father my king had a mosh pit! young people today!!!
  • very cultured show with stuart drinking a nice glass of red wine throughout...
  • barry appeared to have guitar amp problems of some kind during my father my king
  • gig was completely sold out and bloody ace once more

  • photos/video

    right click and 'save target as...' for camera film of ithica 27/9

    click on the image for larger version.

    photos by iain eglinton.