bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ 'curiosa', tweeter center
camden, nj, usa


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    festival info

    'curiosa' touring festival, put together by the cure

    stage 1 - the cure / interpol / the rapture / mogwai
    stage 2 - muse / thursday / auf der maur / the cooper temple clause

    tweeter center (capacity 25,000)


    from invisiblegun:

    totally blew me away that they would played 'mfmk'. it's just funny b'cuz i was joking with my gf before the show that if they played that it would probably be the only song of the night. the venue was pretty cool and people (the ones that were there that early) seemed into them, mfmk was of course amazingly loud for an outdoor huge venue and it blew me away.

    towards the noise-crunching end, a fire started near martin's drum set (he had already abandoned the stage as his drumming duties were through) and a bunch of crew members came out with fire entinguishers and fanned the flames out (it wasn't a big fire but coming at the same time as the noise it was just the most rock and roll moment of the night, stuart looked over at it and just kind of shrugged, strings hanging off his guitar.

    the band were all coordinated by wearing what looked like superman shirts, with an 'm' instead of the 's'. do they wear these to many gigs? i wonder if they're going to release them in the store. all in all great time, they were the only band there that played a different set than the one on the previous day. (i don't know about the cure though i couldn't stay for them).

    from redshift:

    wowowowowow my ears are still ringing from the end of 'mfmk' yesterday. the boys were soooo good. its a shame they had to play first when no one was there yet to really hear them. they should've played 2nd or 3rd.

    dunno what happened to the drums either; i was up front but waaaay to the left to really see anything but the smoke; didn't see any 'fire'. merch was just the two cds and two ($30) shirts.

    from official site q and a :

    q: that smoke thing near the drums @ philly/camden curiosa, during 'mfmk', was that planned or was that like a mishap? come to think of it, what was that exactly? p.s. i can't thank you enough for playing 'mfmk'. my life is complete. i can die now.
    a: the drum monitor set on fire. it wasn't planned.


    the members of mogwai - all sporting t-shirts from the 700 club, the northern liberties bar - were first to hit the main stage. most of the glaswegian group's instrumentals built slowly to a noisy, hypnotic drone. if they didn't quite leave the crowd in a frenzy, the monitor by the drum kit that accidentally burst into flames at the conclusion of the set surely must have been a sign of the music's power.