bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ anson room, bristol, uk 02/11/2001


support from sophia


from iain:

after the incredible performance at reading, probably the best i have seen or heard them play in the shows (approaching 30) i've been at, it was with much anticipation that we waited for them to walk on stage at bristol.

following a superb support slot from sophia, whose sound was beautiful and truly haunting at times, the 'gwai kicked off with '...long way from home' which was great to hear after an absence from the set for so long. but the sound during it was the worst that i've heard at a mogwai show for a very long time. there was a huge bass rumble throughout it which made much of the guitars inaudible. mogwai themselves played well enough, and as always it was great to see the best live band at present play, but throughout the set the mix was not good and was spoilt was feedback and levels "jumping around". it was only by 'my father, my king' at the end that the sound quality was anything like what mogwai have had over the past few years. however it was great to hear 'tuner' back in the set and 'nick drake' could have been lovely. i hope the mix is sorted out for tonight in wolverhampton!

from nnnnnddrrop:

it was gooooood...though not as good as reading festival in my opinion (which truth be told had a combination of things going for it, one of which being that it wasn't in a dingy hall in bristol). and i was wearing ear plugs this time, so maybe that diluted the sensory overload or something. i've never seen them play 'like herod' but i was smiling from ear to ear when one of the guitarists started continously playing the riff to 'suicide' by spacemen3 during the closing stages of the song. do i get cool points for recognising that? haha. and from time to time i pulled out one of my ear plugs just to hear how loud it was, and f*** me - it was loud. i quite enjoyed the "piss orfff ya cooonts" bit at the end of 'my father my king'. anyone going along this tour make sure you have a good time, and they are selling a yellow mogwai teeshirt on the merchandise stand. you can never have too many yellow teeshirts.

from andy parsons:

the lightshow/backgrounds were great in bristol: the huge amount of flames at the end of 'mfmk' was fantastic. shame about the c***s clapping along to '2 rights...'.