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mogwai @ primavera sound, barcelona, spain 03/06/06


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    thanks rec level.


    from boris:

    mogwai's gig was enormous, a killer sound, the top (but i regret they didn't play mfmk........)

    from manuel:

    mogwai completelly stole the show. they (incredibly) surprised everyone (including me) with an awesome set. the sound and the lights made it a show to remember. i wasn't expecting to enjoy it that much (last couple of records kind of bored me/i've seen them several times) but they made it directly to my top 3 of the festival.

    from raphael:

    i happened to talk to barry a few months after the primavera gig. it was the gig of their lives, as he said in the interview i've done with him: "usually after a gig one person or two people from the band think that this wasnt very good, whereas the others think that it was a really good gig. but in barcelona for the first time in a long time the five of us came off stage and everybody was really happy. all of us thought that this was the best gig weve ever played. it was a fantastic festival and the crowd was amazing as well. more of the same please, id love to do that again!" i was on that festival too and i do agree on that.


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