bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ 'curiosa', riverbend music center
cincinnati, oh, usa


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    thanks to clifford and chris gormer.

    festival info

    'curiosa' touring festival, put together by the cure

    stage 1 - the cure / interpol / the rapture / mogwai
    stage 2 - thursday / muse / auf der maur / the cooper temple clause

    riverbend music center (capacity 18,000)


    from clifford harpole:

    i saw curiosa this past tuesday at cincinnati. the stupid driving directions off the internet confused me, so i missed the beginning of the first song. i only have cody and hsfhp by them, so i only recognised the 2nd of the 3 songs as 'killing all the flies'. ('ratts of the capital', according to other sources? - rob)

    the first song.. from the end i caught.. was quite calm, with lots of chime-y, glockenspiel-y sounds... yet nothing i recognised from the cds i own.

    the last song was awesome. it had stuart playing alone at one part, with real calm parts... even getting a call from the audience to "get off the stage" or something of equally disgusting disrespect... only to have their jaw dropped by everyone slamming in at one time with a huge wall of sound. it was amazing... the set ended with everyone leaving their instruments feedbacking and their pedals self-oscillating... and stewart playing with the oscillation onhis pedals and with feedback, snapping the strings off of his guitar by hand (:o) and making noise for about 5 minutes.

    i couldnt help but feel that i was the only one really into them... and it was a fricking shame. mogwai was the essential reason that i went to this show and it was completely worth it. if only i hadn't have gotten lost.