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mogwai @ festival rock de alaquàs, alaquàs, spain 03/09/05


  • glasgow megasnake (aka 'glower of a cat')
  • summer
  • killing all the flies
  • tracy
  • ex-cowboy
  • we're no here
  • hunted by a freak
  • helicon 1
  • two rights make one wrong
  • ratts of the capital
  • mogwai fear satan


  • my father my king (listed but not played)


    festival rock de alaquàs


    from carlos:

    i think they refused to do an encore because of the sound limits. festival de alaquas is held in a small football stadium placed in the middle of a town. so i guess that sound levels had a limit just to not disturb people sleeping. the day before, rinocerose played an extensive encore. everyone there was expecting mogwai to do an encore.

    they were - in spite of sounding quieter than usual - GREAT, as always.


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