bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ wulfrun hall, wolverhampton, uk 03/11/2001


  • mogwai fear satan
  • take me somewhere nice
  • ithica 27o9
  • helicon 2
  • ex-cowboy
  • helps both ways
  • you don't know jesus
  • secret pint
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong


  • my father my king

    whilst dominic was tuning his bass before 'ex-cowboy', barry entertained the crowd with the theme from 'taxi'.

    support from sophia


    from iain:

    i don't think that words can describe how good tonights gig was.

    from the moment that the first notes of '...fear satan' were struck it was musical paradise. the sound, apart from a crackle throughout 'take me somewhere nice', was awesome and the problems of the bristol show were well and truly ironed out.

    how can any band start the set with possibly the best live song ever played? the "gwai really seemed to enjoy the set throughout and it was brilliant to see the variation of songs from the night before. 'ithica' was truly awesome, i don't think it could have been played any better. 'ex-cowboy' was a song that i've been disappointed by the last couple of times i've seen it live. i always preferred the "old version" pre- cody, but the guitars were mesmerising throughout. before 'ex-cowboy' when dominic changed bass, we had the delight of some improv. to keep us amused...the best being barry playing the theme from taxi !

    'my father' was as violent as ever and as a friend seeing them live for the first time said, "i've just witnessed the sound of the apocalypse". awesome...wish i could get to more shows...oslo sounds good...

    from tim whitehouse:

    i really wasn't overly impressed with wolverhampton, quite sadly. the last two times i had seen them (reading and atp), both were incredible experiences that i can only really describe as some form of 'trip', being completely immersed for the duration of the gigs. last night felt like a band on a stage playing some songs. damn good songs obviously, but it didn't pull me in and leave me mouth hanging open. still they can't be like that every time i s'pose.

    still great and everything yadidada ......

    from james mansfield:

    last night at wolves was immense!!! i much preferred it to the show i saw in august at leeds apart from the ommision of 'helicon 1' which was a shame.

    the lights at the gig were brilliant and the noise for '2 rights..' and 'my father my king' were out of this world. i thought the crowd there were a bit subdued tho'...i haven't seen them at an indoor show before, yet i thought people in the crowd would be getting into it a bit more.

    nevertheless, a great show with the highlight either 'fear satan' or 'ithica 27 9'. may just be tempted to make the trip to liverpool on friday!