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mogwai @ benicassim festival, benicassim, spain 04/08/2001


  • you don't know jesus
  • helicon 1
  • [iggy pop's punk rock speech]
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong
  • my father, my king

    thanks to andy and david

    on the 'back stage'


    from andy:

    a bearded spaniard walks on and shouts something along the lines of "fear...danger...mogwai!!". 4 songs. 65 minutes. louder than ive ever heard them play. absolute sonic terrorism. absolute heaven. the twats eagerly awaiting the manics were appalled. nice going.

    from david:

    unfortunately i couldn't go to the festival until the day after mogwai played but a coupla friends were there and told me they completely alienated a huge part of the audience which wasn't familiar with them, even some peeps who were! the volume was way f***ing louder than any other band on the bill plus they only played four long instrumentals and barely spoke a word.

    the band played the green stage after goldfrapp, one of the other hightlights of the day with belle & sebastian, and all the other bands who played afterwards (especially mercury rev & the manics) just couldn't match what came before them; everything sounded so worn out and old and boring, even though they're not crap bands, but mogwai scared them off i reckon.

    by the way, the guys were supposed to play a football match against members of b&s, but i dunno if they eventually showed up. last thing i heard, stuart of b&s said on the radio that he was waiting and that "those mogwai guys like to talk a bit too much but they're probably hungover and sleeping somewhere".

    anyway, the whole gig was broadcast live by spanish national radio rne-radio3 so at least i got to listen to it and it just sounded f***ing brilliant as always. the version of 'my father, my king' was definitely the best one i've heard (18 min+ long yeeea!!!).


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