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mogwai @ academy, liverpool, uk 05/04/06


thanks to david gill

  • auto rock
  • you don't know jesus
  • yes! i am a long way from home
  • friend of the night
  • helicon 2
  • acid food
  • may nothing but happiness come through your door
  • ithica 27Ý9
  • folk death 95
  • hunted by a freak
  • stanley kubrick
  • like herod
  • glasgow mega-snake


  • cody
  • we're no here

    thanks, 'nash', 'talkshowhost99' and david.

    support from the magnificents.


    from andrew holland:

    encore was 'cody' and 'we're no here', which finished with about 10 minutes of deafening white noise played on the pedals. lots of screeching. couldn't see much of this due to almost continuous strobe lighting. dedication to gordon strachan and celtic for winning the title.

    from david gill:

    it was a great night. i am always amazed at how the band never loses the intensity in their performance. highlight for me was 'glasgow megasnake' coming in at the end of 'herod', fantastic. funny moment, just before the loud bit in 'like herod', it was very quiet and someone shouted, "i'm scared". very funny.

    from kenny mcdonald:

    in the week that the bbc are asking "is it really worth £80 minimum to see madonna live?"; at £18 pound mogwai appears a bargain. weíll see.

    the magnificents are sadly anything but. one dimensional and stuck in the wrong decade, they are reminiscent of a bad sparks tribute band without the scary guy with the moustache. needles to say, that their biggest cheer is on the announcement of their last song.

    auto rock opens the mogwai set and with what appears to be a big crowd, it is clear that we are in for a good gig. jesus follows, with an impressive light show, especially what appears to be head-butting dazzling white sperms. mogwai say that they donít like people having sex to their music; frankly i donít believe them. yes! comes next and is the best live version iíve heard, except that there seems to be shitloads of chattering students in tonight.

    in fact, itís the most balanced mogwai set that iíve witnessed. enough (but not too much) sonic violence in ithica and herod, nicely balanced by the more piano-led moments from mr beast. of the tracks from the new album, friend and folk death are particularly enjoyable, the latter sounding ever so slightly out of tune, just like the mighty joy division. and it is always good to see stanley kubrick being played live.

    no gig is perfect and those bloody stoodents are still getting on my tits. and iíve always found that mogwai vocal tracks miss the point (or more precisely, i miss the point with them). so cody sounds a little weak to my ears. however things end on a high, with a very aggressive weíre no here, ending in several minutes of ragged noise and epilepsy-inducing strobe lighting.

    all in all, an excellent gig and with no fewer than six tracks played off mr beast, evidence that the band are as confident in the new material as alan mcgee is. and worth every penny of the entrance fee.


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    photo by hsin.