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mogwai @ orangerie, botanique, bruxelles, belgium 05/05/1999


  • may nothing but happiness come through your door
  • kappa
  • xmas steps
  • cody
  • helicon 2
  • small children in the background
  • helicon 1
  • like herod
  • my father my king

    first known live performance of 'my father my king'


    from pierre:

    i saw mogwai yesterday in brussels. the support act was 'unwound'. i don't know anything about this band but i'm sure of one thing : they have listened a lot to sonic youth. and the singer tries desperately to look like thurston moore (with some success i must admit).

    mogwai made an amazing show (roughly one hour and a half). even if they aren't quite focused on their looks when on stage (and that's an understatement :). stuart was foreclosed in some dark blue sport jacket leaving just his face visible. one of the two other guitarists was turning his back on the audience during at least the three quarters of the show. absolutely nothing to watch... so it was all music. i think their music is even more appealing on stage. their records don't have such a deep impact on me than their shows. maybe i should try to play them much louder :).

    mogwai's tour diary

    brussels botanique
    about 600 were at the show. the band kicked a polar bear's ass. unwound were tremendous. we played for about 1hour and 40 minutes. the show was next to the botanic gardens, which although highly picturesque, were totally shady.

    apparently if you hang about there and aren't a moroccan street urchin peddling heroin you will be killed with knives. there are fish. a dead rat was seen in the pond. we saw our pal robin eating the dead rat. the food was excellent !!!

    big aitchy says that the ladies were fine. big aitchy cannae get pished cos he's pierced his face and he will bleed like a bitches cunt if he touches a drop !!!! our other pal aiden fae godspeed you black emperor! was shocked at our sombre facial expressions onstage as we are naturally a bunch of mongos. we watched iron maiden rock long beach california (2nd of 4 sold out nights).

    we slept soundly on our luxury bus as kosovo starved.