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mogwai @ la cigale, paris, france 05/07/2001


click for larger image. thanks to samuel roman.

  • sinewave
  • mogwai fear satan
  • d to e
  • ithica
  • you don't know jesus
  • like herod
  • small kids in the background
  • helicon 1
  • 2 rights make one wrong


  • christmas song
  • jewish hymn

    thanks to nicholas.


    thanks to samuel roman.


    from flo:

    not the best mogwai gig i've seen, but very good anyway. shame part of my enjoyment of the gig was ruined by some twats.

    - bloke standing next to me, and who bellowed during all the gig. i don't care if my ears buzz because of the music, but i'd rather this was not due to some cunt shouting in my ears. ffs, this guy even shouted during the quiet bits. i've forgotten your name, but don't expect me to say hello to you anymore when i come across you at the pub.
    - girl next to me (yeh i chose a great place to stand...) dancing as if she was listening to jennifer lopez or destiny's child. you were ridiculous.
    - couple at the front row who spent half the gig snogging. why don't you just stay at home and put on the record then?! no need to go and display your affection for each other at gigs where you'll just manage to piss off single people who don't need to be reminded they are single.
    - drunk/stoned guy moshing every time it got a bit loud. you were a pain to absolutely everyone in the front rows.
    - people talking before the end of helicon 1 - sacrilege!
    - tall guys who just need to raise their hand to grab setlists that are thrown into the crowd, while even if i jump, i'll never grab it that way.

    - japanese kid at the balcony, who got up and danced like mad during mogwai fear satan, and some other times after that. you rocked, man.

    amongst the songs that mogwai played: sine wave - mogwai fear satan - ithica - like herod - small kids - helicon 1 - 2 rights. not sure of the order of the songs, and they did 1 or 2 more between fear satan and like herod. the encore was meant to be xmas steps + another song whose title i couldn't read on the setlist, but they played a fantastic version of the jewish song instead, so no regret not hearing xmas steps. :)

    the gig lasted about an hour and a half.