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pittsburgh, pa, usa

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    thanks to josh and garret.

    support from the rapture


    from stuart braithwaite, on

    the last week has been odd to say the least, john got sick and couldn't play the last two shows and was ably deputised by our friend david jack. this was surreal especially as all the photographers seemed so intent on taking his picture (handsome bugger). martin also hurt his back forcing us to play one of our quietest shows in a long while in pittsburgh. it was nice to play in the dark again.

    from phil smoker:

    my mates in attendance would contest the assertion that this was their quietest show in a long time. regardless, everyone left terribly impressed. i was a bit disappointed that they didn't play anything brand new and only did one or two from the latest album, but the closer "like herod" was really ferocious and fully worth the time and effort expended for the trip. my perspective of this show was likely tainted by a lengthy list of irritations that preceded the actual event, but overall it was a very good show.

    i guess the injury to martin explains why they left the stage after just 60 minutes, house lights up, music quickly fading in on the pa system. i was hoping for a marathon set, especially since there were no other acts other than the rapture, but i suppose it was not to be.