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mogwai @ the plug, sheffield, uk 07/04/06


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    thanks rob.

    support from the magnificents. sold out


    from 'cheesesofnazerath':

    nice gig, place is a bit of a shed in that the roof's low and metal with lots of exposed beams and pipework. don't know if it affected the sound, was nice and loud though the high end seemed a little buzzy to me. maybe that's just my ears after seeing them at wolverhampton last week where the sound was mellower, the room being an old ball room, with high ceiling and probably better acoustics.

    place was packed, so intimate's probably a good description as the room didn't allow for much movement. expensive beer, but then it is a night club as well. i wonder how many actually stayed to see jon carter and party the night away.

    great end to this leg of the tour, thanks boys.

    on a second seeing it confirms that a lot of the mr b stuff plays well live, particularly gms and we're no here. nice ending with satan and a lovely white noise session with stuart and john giving it some.