bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ crystal ballroom, portland, or, usa 07/06/2001


  • big e
  • ithica 279
  • d to e
  • ex-cowboy
  • you don't know jesus
  • helicon 2
  • helicon 1
  • secret pint
  • (punk rock sample)
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong


  • christmas song
  • jewish hymn

    thanks to dax riner.

    support from bardo pond


    from douglas grimm:

    i am sick.

    really - my ears hurt so bad. i remember at one point raising my arms up in the air, and feeling the noise move the hair on them. it was great.

    our boys played at the crystal ballroom - a super place to see a concert. holds about 1000, and had about 500 or so in attendance - which was a super turnout for portland in my opinion. goddammit - no 'mogwai fear satan' or 'xmas steps'. i called out a couple of times for "xmas steps", but no joy. very nice show though - mogwai blew the tweeters in the speakers at the crystal ballroom. hadn't heard that happen before.

    couple of highlights: mogwai walked out to pretty much a quiet audience. my roommate and i started cheering. stuart grinned and said something along the lines of "hello all you drunks, hello all you muppets." some jackass yelled out for them to "turn it up." stuart stopped dead and said "all this noise is going to hurt your ears, son." lots of sound problems, feedback and such, unfortunately, which did not seem to put the band in a good humor.

    the segue from "punk rock" into "two rights" was flawless and stupendous. they absolutely blew it away - can't imagine it done better. two rights came in around 15 minutes long - by far the best i have heard. even better than the reykjavik show from march that is circulating. nice new solo guitar intro to ex-cowboy by stuart. one of the band's entourage shouted "thank you!" after helicon 2.