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mogwai @ ostia antica, rome, italy 07/09/06


thanks stiv

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    thanks claudio and andy

    support from giardini di miro and de rosa


    from claudio:

    amazing concert in an amazing place. the sound was perfect and very clear. fantastic light games cut the fog, pure shiverings. it seemed really to breathe an ancient and a religious atmosphere. sorry i've no pictures but i wanted to "taste" it in too deep!

    from andy:

    just back from a week in rome where we were lucky enough to see mogwai out at the ostia antica ruins. probably the coolest venue i've ever been to and it made for a great evening (despite the dense fog which developed 5 minutes before the band came on stage - jo spent the rest of the night drunkenly calling them 'fogwai'). anyhow here are a few of the pictures i took. the lack of pictures of martin is down to the fog making things kinda tricky but what can you do?

    from stiv:

    spectacular venue and the fog really set the scene amazingly. it just came from nowhere 5 minutes before mogwai hit the stage and it was a full moon as well. totally breathtaking sight. great set and the sound was excellent. more than makes up for having to miss the barrowlands gig next week due to a wedding (as well as the old firm game :0(

    from seb (

    the mogwai show in roma at ostia antica was just amazing!! the venue was the most beautiful i had the chance to see in my life and for a gwai concert was more exciting! the show was really beautiful!

    the set list was varied and quite long. i didn't have to wear earplugs and that was a long time i didn't have to, but just so pure happiness, really. john was playing on a chair almost all the show, that was a "premiere" too...

    i expected to have 'mogwai fear satan' end the show but '2 rights' was perfect and the noisy end part was tremendous, with the very bleeding light show following the rythm of the music! 'summer' was very heavy too and 'i know you are..' very sweet. tears almost appeared!

    on 'we're no here', the lights illuminated the trees behind the stage and made the columns near the stage appear, visible! fabulous! the fog coming down on the stage and covering the venue gave an almost religious atmosphere to the show. all great things for an amazing night! mogwai sounding awesome!


    click on the image for larger version.

    photos by andy scott.

    photos by jukka

    photos by seb.