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mogwai @ schlachthof, hamburg, germany 08/05/2001


thanks to wilgy.

thanks to andreas.

  • (intro)
  • sinewave
  • xmas steps
  • you don't know jesus
  • helps both ways
  • small children in the background
  • like herod
  • stanley kubrick
  • helicon 1
  • secret pint
  • (punk rock sample)
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong

    (scheduled but not played)

    some tracks from this show were broadcast on 'wahwah', viva2, on 22/5/01. details here.

    support from bardo pond


    from alex:

    after a good & solid support set by bardo pond, mogwai take the stage. the excellent, clear & very loud sound leaves nothing to be desired. even the cello played during 2 songs was very well audible. during the quiet parts the audience is dead silent & almost holds their breaths. the wonderful 74 min set ends & the band walks off stage. after 5 min of cheering roadies walk out & start packing the gear: for some unknown reasons the band did not play the encore. some 'boos' can be heard but after a short moment of amazement the crowd accepts & leaves. all in all, despite the missing encore a wonderful show, shining with perfection & blowing everybody away with mogwai's walls of sound.

    and from wilgy:

    after being at the(in my humble opinion)slightly disappointing shepherds bush gig in april, i was lucky enough to make the journey from the midlands to this gig as my girlfriend lives in hamburg. the venue was an old abattoir and i estimate holds around 400-500 people. although tickets were still available before the gig i'm sure it was pretty much sold out.

    mogwai were on top form tonight and seemed more relaxed and happy than under the vast spotlight of shephards bush gig, with stuart sporting a new unshaven look or is that just touring?? i was surprised to see the inclusion of a blistering 'like herod' and 'helps both ways'. the culmination of the gig was a wonderful 'two rights make one wrong' which (so much better live than the album version), leaving the german crowd baying for more! which disappointingly they didn't get. still, no complaints...a great gig. roll on reading and the british tour!


    thanks to wilgy for the following photos.

    dom dom and stuart
    barry stuart and barry