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Mogwai @ Rock In Roma, Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Rome, Italy 08/07/11


Thanks Stefano

  • White Noise
  • Hunted By A Freak
  • How To Be A Werewolf
  • I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
  • Killing All The Flies
  • Friend Of The Night
  • San Pedro
  • Death Rays
  • Mexican Grand Prix
  • 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
  • You're Lionel Richie
  • We're No Here


  • Auto Rock
  • Rano Pano
  • Batcat

    Mogwai were joined by Luke Sutherland on violin, guitars and vocals.

    Supported by A Classic Education

    rock in roma


    From Stefano:

    What a wonderful concert last night... The second best of Mogwai I've seen in Rome. The top-list one is still the "mystical" gig at Ancient Roman Amphiteater of Ostia Antica (Mr. Beast Tour).

    But the last night concert was powerful and yet intimate. I liked the setlist and the boys seemed to be very happy to play in Rome again: they were joyful and communicative with the warm audience. Majestic versions of "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead", "We're No Here" and "How To Be a Werewolf". They love their new songs, it is clear enough. "You're Lionel Richie" is now different from the studio version: it doesn't include the Italian dialogue anymore.

    Only the encores let me down, apart from "Auto Rock", no big "epic" one. I can do without "Batcat", believe me. I hoped for "My Father, My King" until the end.

    But I was completely satisfied with the show.


    Photos by Stefano: