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mogwai @ 'curiosa', molson amphitheatre
toronto, canada


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    thanks to james clark.

    festival info

    'curiosa' touring festival, put together by the cure

    stage 1 - the cure / interpol / the rapture / mogwai
    stage 2 - muse / auf der maur / the cooper temple clause / head automatica

    molson amphitheatre (capacity 16,000)


    from james clark:

    mogwai were apparently agitated...probably because they're the second most established band on the curiosa festival bill, and yet they still open the show every night. that simply isn't fair. they grumbled around the stage and generally looked miserable for the duration of their set. their music was almost completley lost on the unsuspecting goth types and middle-aged men who were hanging around to see the cure, so almost everyone was standing stone-faced and totally still while they played. now, i know mogwai's music can have a certain paralyzing effect, but i sensed that wasn't the reason...

    anyway, mogwai played a relatively quiet show, most likely because john was sick and martin's back was injured. the music was still great, though, and i really cannot argue with the songs they chose. (the second explosion in mfs still scared the shit out of the entire venue). mogwai are an excellent live act. go and catch them on the remaining curiosa dates, if you can!

    another highlight was scottish band mogwai. although second on the bill, the group's guitar instrumentals made for a half-hour of melodic madness.