bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ vox club, modena, italy 10/05/2001


  • sinewave
  • mogwai fear satan
  • xmas steps
  • you don't know jesus
  • ex-cowboy
  • helicon 2
  • ithica 27o9
  • small children in the background
  • secret pint
  • (punk rock sample)
  • 2 rights make one wrong


  • my father, my king

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    from davide:

    i just saw mogwai play my hometown's biggest indoor venue. not as many people as i expected attended the show, but at the end it was definitely crowded. now, i know you won't believe me, but this has been the best mogwai show i've ever seen. they compiled the perfect setlist, playing lots of oldies. i think they actually sound a lot better without strings and horns, with barry contributing to every song playing keyboard, guitar and flute. a cello player is actually touring europe with'em, even if tonight she only did "secret pint" and "2 rights make 1 wrong". again, i have to say that this was a lot better than the two shows i attended in scotland and england... i'd have travelled to geneva tonight, but mum are not supporting tomorrow and i can definitely see the band on some other accasion during the rest of the year.

    from elena:

    it was my first mogwai concert and it was ... their music is so powerful...
    they are so...(maybe they aren' t human being)...they are so sweeping, astonishing, charming...
    the setlist was perfect (even if there wasn't 'helicon 1'...) when i recognise the beginning of 'fear satan', i thought to die....(the same for 'christmas steps'...) and 'my father, my kingdom' was incredible, loud and endless. (maybe "a little bit" loud)
    at the end of the song (after 20 minutes...) only john was on the stage and he played the guitar with his telephone producing strange funny noises! crazy...

    thanx mogwai!


    from elena:

    sorry, only three pictures (only stuart...) because the flash of my camera stopped to work after the first photo...

    in the third picture stuart was reading the names of the bands that will play in a festival near modena (i don' t know why...).

    after (or before...) that, dominic told at the microphone that it was the birthday of stuart and everybody started to sing "happy birthday" ... stuart smiled... (sweet...)