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mogwai @ brixton academy, london, uk 10/11/2001


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  • you don't know jesus
  • like herod
  • xmas steps
  • secret pint
  • helicon 1
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  • ithica 27o9
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong


  • helicon 2
  • my father my king

    thanks to chris

    support from sophia


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    from chris:

    just got back from the london gig. bloody hell that was even better than reading. my ears are ringing and the tour ep i've got on now is probably waking everyone up because it's far louder than i think it is. anyway, i'm sure someone must've bootlegged it (sadly i didn't manage to), and if they can provide me with a copy i will shower them with gifts. ‘helicon 2’was amazing with the flute, i'd never really cared for it before.

    from martin lewis:

    after all the comments about sound problems i was worried but that was the best sound i've ever heard at mogwai - everything was so clear. and a virtual greatest hits package. one of the best that - up there with glastonbury.

    from tom morton:

    i thought the drums were a bit quiet, preventing me from tapping my feet exactly in time when the songs went noisy, but still one of the best gigs i've ever been to. 'like herod' and '2 rights..'. were incredible. and, like some common or garden geek, i timed 'my father my king' and it was 25 minutes and 50 seconds long. fascinating, huh?

    didn't think much of sophia though, they sounded to my ears like a second-rate verve tribute band covering the zephyrs. but there you go...

    from euan donaldson:

    i have seen mogwai 5 times (including last night), and it is definitely one of the best. i read the review for liverpool gig and someone said he preferred small venues, but brixton's sound system meant that mogwai were taken to another level, they were truly from another planet. i couldn't help grinning like a loony for the entire time, the noise was immense and the show was one of the best not only for mogwai but anyone.

    it is so nice that they can play a different set for each gig as well, last night they only had one cellist on once, mostly it was just them and their guitars. they made me feel scared, sad, ecstatic, full of love and confused. there aren't many bands who do that in the space of one evening. can't wait for next time.

    from graham burgess:

    before the band played brixton academy (i'd already seen them twice on that tour - at bristol and then wolves - and was lucky enough to be at the live peel session the previous month) i didn't think i'd like that gig, that it would be too big for them, that they needed smaller places so the sound would completely submerge the room. how wrong i was! to this day, pretty much the loudest gig i've been to. my mate's girlfriend (now ex-!) was sitting on the floor crying, i remember people leaving the venue shouting angrily at the stage (i guess while john was arranging the guitars in x-shapes in front of the amps). all good stuff.

    from ady foley:

    well, what a night. they were in blinding form right from the start and it was probably the best i've seen them. they just seem to get better and better each time. not quite as loud as shepherds bush but loud nonetheless and some great lighting effects too, especially during 'like herod' when the backdrop was alternately lit a stark red and white, leaving the band in silhouette. the cellist was in attendance but luke sutherland wasn't this time.

    sadly there was no 2nd support band as billed but we got pretty close down the front for sophia and stayed there. i really liked sophia who were mellow but also had some loud rock out moments with the last track going all kashmir...

    it didn't get as packed down the front as i feared it would and apart from one beered up twat it seemed a very chilled crowd and great atmosphere. i'd have liked to hear a few different tracks, like 'take me somewhere nice' and 'fear stan' but no complaints really as it was a great set and we did get to hear some classics.

    from david geraghty:

    i didn't think it was a particually interesting mogwai show, to be honest. i don't know if it was the size of the venue, my beer-soakedness, or the way all the noise just sounds the same now - sterile, well practiced and with nothing to differentiate it from the last song, but i couldn't get excited at all. maybe i am getting old (hah) or maybe 27 times is too many to see the same band. but i wasn't moved, sadly. and i wanted to be, i really did.