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Mogwai @ Coachella Festival, Indio CA, USA 12/04/14


  • Heard About You Last Night
  • I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
  • Rano Pano
  • How To Be A Werewolf
  • Hunted By A Freak
  • Remurdered
  • Mogwai Fear Satan
  • Mexican Grand Prix

    Thanks Rocke - "Great show as usual"

    Following a calf injury sustained in Copenhagen on 25th March, Martin Bulloch was replaced behind the drums by Jonny Scott.

    Mojave Stage, 10:05 - 10:55
    Sandwiched between Pixies and Pet Shop Boys

    Mogwai tweeted that their set was due to be streamed live on Coachella's YouTube channel, but the broadcast didn't happen.

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    Mogwai played before an embarrassingly small Mojave crowd, competing with Coachella Valley heroes Queens of the Stone Age (who sounded terrific), a massively attended Empire of the Sun set and current Top 40 hero Pharrell Williams. But those who admire intricately crafted guitar soundscapes and emotive post-rock instrumentalism saw the Scottish pioneers in great form, especially during favorite “Mogwai Fear Satan.”