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mogwai @ idno theatre, reykjavik, iceland 13/03/2001

set list

  • sine wave
  • stanley kubrick
  • xmas steps
  • you don't know jesus
  • take me somewhere nice
  • dial: revenge
  • helicon 1
  • secret pint
  • two rights make one wrong


  • jewish hymn

    live debut for 'sinewave', 'dial:revenge', 'secret pint' and '2 rights make 1 wrong'

    review from

    mogwai were joined onstage by super furry animals vocalist gruff rhys at a one-off show in iceland last night (march 13), where the band premiered songs from their new album, 'rock action'.

    the band performed to an awestruck icelandic audience, at the idno venue in the centre of reykjavik, as a prelude to their us tour.

    rhys performed vocals on new track 'dial:revenge', and, as a bonus, fellow super furry cian ciaran also appeared, to treat the nordic (? - rob) nation to a spot of singing, and a dj set at the after-party.

    prior to their performance, mogwai had promised a good mixture of old and new, but on the night they delivered a ten-track set, including seven of 'rock action''s eight tracks.

    five songs in, stuart braithwaite delivered the first vocal offering: the somewhat melancholy 'take me somewhere nice'. the band were complemented by four string players from the royal academy for music and drama brought over especially for the gig, who gave added girth to the breadth of a carefully constructed set.

    mogwai arrived in reykjavik on monday (march 12), and took the opportunity to label fellow scottish bands runrig, deacon blue and simple minds "a national disgrace" in the local paper.

    speaking exclusively to, stuart braithwaite explained the band's new direction. "there was one song that we sang on the last record, and i think that it kind of worked. we didn't really have committee meetings about what we were going to do. we just went through it all and went, 'good, good, shite, shite'!"

    as to the collaboration with gruff rhys, the band joked they employed him because stuart "couldn't sing high enough".

    mogwai are en route to the us, where they will start a tour in austin, texas, on march 17. the band will play a handful of us shows, before dates in japan and europe.