bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ webster hall, new york ny, usa 13/05/06

the setlist from this show appeared in an urban outfitters catalogue in 2008. thanks 'arepeatingloop'


  • yes! i am a long way from home
  • friend of the night
  • folk death 95
  • travel is dangerous
  • kids will be skeletons
  • tracy
  • mogwai fear satan
  • hunted by a freak
  • acid food
  • my father my king


  • cody
  • christmas steps
  • glasgow megasnake

    thanks ryan, bob and david.

    support from david pajo and torche.


    from ryan:

    pretty funny was sb saying 'can anyone else hear the disco downstairs? it's ok, we'll get them back in a minute' one song before mfmk.

    from sean:

    mogwai's show at webster hall was nothing short of amazing. a different setlist by four songs, and they were completely on fire! the band came out wearing their green myt track suits that for the most part lasted all of one song, "yes! i am…". stuart was a bit more talkative this show compared to the show at the avalon early in march. at one point he noticed a member of the crowd wearing an anti-bush shirt, which he said he really liked and asked the guy where to buy one for his father.

    the lighting at this show was incredible, much better than the avalon! i missed out on some of the detail of the end of the main set because my wife wasn't feeling too well so we headed to the back of the venue, and she subsequently had to sit down. this being only my second 'gwai show i was so excited to be able to hear some new/different songs like "kids will be skeletons" which i definitely like better live, that song rocks! then to get to hear tracy, which i figured i'd never here, was a treat! but the two songs that made the show for me were "mfmk" and "cody"! to see the grandeur that is mfmk live is just intense! rhen to start off the encore with "cody" was too much, i've loved that song since i first heard it!

    on a side note, i'm loving watching the crowd jump when the loud parts come in "xmas steps" and "mfs". i wonder if it ever gets old for the band…great show, great setlist, and another great experience.


    photos by bob.

    photos by sean.