bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ 'rising stage', witnness festival, punchestown, ireland 13/07/03


  • mogwai fear satan
  • hunted by a freak
  • you don't know jesus
  • ratts of the capital
  • my father my king

    thanks to james good.


    from james good:

    saw mogwai at the witnness festival at punchestown. the band played the start of some of the new material for all of 5 seconds before technical problems halted them for an hour, so when they finally arrived they kicked into 'mogwai fear satan' instead. the sound was poor - to quote stuart, 'for today only during all the slow parts of the songs, you're going to hear supergrass' (who were on the mainstage at the same time). they played for around an hour in the end and as the stage was running late, confused gemma hayes fans/stalkers arrived to the fantastic meltdown of 'my father my king'.