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mogwai @ ilosaarirock festival, joensuu, finland 13/07/08


  • the precipice
  • friend of the night
  • i'm jim morrison, i'm dead
  • katrien
  • a cheery wave from stranded youngsters
  • like herod
  • batcat

    thanks to jere. incomplete - please get in touch if you can complete the setlist details.

    first performances of 'katrien' and 'a cheery wave...' since 1998.

    ilosaarirock festival
    ylex stage, 7pm


    from jere:

    i was at ilosaari but i didn't manage to get the setlist this time. :(
    half of the set was new songs, one was "i'm jim morrison, i'm dead" according to stuart. stuart played floor tom and snare drum on 'a cheery wave from stranded youngsters'. john was not on stage during that song, and there were no guitars (except bass).

    from capra:

    Only song from the Mr.Beast was Friend Of The Night. First song of the set was a new one, and third one also. From their first album Young Team they played Like Herod, Katrien and A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters. Apparently they were testing Young Team songs live because tommorrow 18.7. and 19.7. the band is going to perform their entire first album live at Summercase festival in Madrid and in Barcelona.


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