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mogwai @ domino festival, ab, brussels, belgium 16/04/06


  • autorock
  • helicon 1
  • travel is dangerous
  • tracy
  • acid food
  • like herod
  • glasgow mega-snake
  • kids will be skeletons
  • hunted by a freak
  • friend of the night
  • ratts of the capital
  • we're no here


  • mogwai fear satan

    thanks wim, wouter and geoffroy.

    domino festival, with grails, wolf eyes, 65daysofstatic and akron/family. sold out


    from wim:

    mogwai played at a club festival where the theme of the night was trying to get as many people as deaf as possible. akron/family started off, but i arrived late so i missed them, heard they were pretty good though. i entered during wolf eyes, an action i regretted almost immediately. it was bad, really bad. next up were 65daysofstatic who played a very hard and very loud set. somebody in the audience called them 65daysofvolume. they were good, but not great. but i didn't really care, i was about to see the mighty mogwai!

    it had been three years since i last saw them live and my expectations were very high. but i surely didn't leave disappointed. they played a varied set with lots of old ones (very good to hear tracy live) and lots of happy songs/mr beast ones. the sound was very good on what was a very impressive pa stack and all the band members looked like they were having a good time. john tried to start 'hunted by a freak' with his guitar in a wrong tuning, which seemed to amuse everyone. 'we're no here' definitely was the highpoint of the show. what a song! you could feel its power in every part of your body. for an encore they played 'fear satan' which sounded very clear in the quiet parts and very loud in the other ones. it ended in a bit, but not a lot, of white noise which was a perfect end for an earsplitting night.

    from seb m:

    absolutely terrific and very varied show; 'helicon 1' and 'ratts of the capital' didn't seem to be very very loud in the "loud" parts, but very beautiful anyway. 'herod' was tremendous, very loud, very heavy as was 'we're no here'.

    just a moment where stuart says something like they were "happy" and it seems so, very smiling guys; they are definitely at their height of their art, excellent, brilliant technically and artistically...too good band. "i'm in love" :)

    from geoffroy:

    encore wasn't on the setlist although they did indeed come back for mogwai fear satan. an amazing ending for an amazing show (hadn't seen them since november 2001) with a great sound. i immensely enjoyed this. was the 5th time i saw them.


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    photos by seb m.