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mogwai @ la zona rosa, austin tx 16/06/2001


thanks to andrew fogelsong and jaime martinez.

support from bardo pond

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below is an image of the poster that appeared at this show. click on the image for an enlarged version.

big thanks to jared connor, the designer of the poster, for supplying this image.


from tyler ley:

i was standing about five feet back from the stage, in between stuart and dominic when these two jerks beside me started a mosh pit during ithica. i guess they were mad at some people around them because they wanted to push forward to the very front of the stage and the crowd wouldn't let them. anyways the jerks did not just stay in their little mosh pit and slam into each other; they started lowering their shoulder and plowing into people unfortunate enough to be standing near.

after the song was over, as you can imagine most of the people in the crowd were upset with the jerks. the two jerks started to point and laugh at some people until they realized that stuart was standing at the edge of the stage staring them down. this froze the guys and they both got a terrified look on their faces. stuart pointed at both of them and said "stop being such f***ing assholes". the crowd erupted people started getting up in the faces of the jerks and jeering them. the jerks left.

the show was great other then that. the version of 2 rights wasn't as good as the version they played at the sxsw show. the sound levels of the drum machine that they use wasn't turned up high enough and so it got lost in the guitars. christmas steps was especially strong last night with the punch of the more abrasive parts causing stuart's ear plugs to pop out. great show. they closed with the jewish hymn which was awesome and much louder then the sxsw performance.

from bryan robison on the drone-on list:

first off, my ears and i would like to thank everyone on the list for the excellent job you did conveying how loud the mogwai/bardo pond show was going to be. saw 'em here in austin on saturday where one of the highlights of the show was when stuart stared down a guy in front of the stage for, get this, moshing, and then called him a "fucking asshole." it's been a while since i've seen someone actually try to mosh at a show, especially one like mogwai.

this was my first time to catch mogwai live and honestly, i have to put it into the top 3 shows i've seen all-time, with yo la tengo and paul westerberg.