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mogwai @ 9.30 club, washington dc, usa 17/09/08


thanks josh

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  • christmas steps
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    'two rights' was listed but not played. 'christmas steps' was played instead.
    a shade short of two hours, apparently 'the longest show we've ever played' - see tour diary below.

    support from fuck buttons

    9.30 club


    from josh:

    the shows are getting longer still. last night started at ~9:35pm and we're no here ended at 11:30. the break for the encore was slightly longer than usual and the feedback was left running at the end of we're no here slightly longer than usual as well... not sure what was going on exactly. in e're no hereon tuesday (richmond), john messed around after the band left, making more noise with the pedals and stuff, however last night everyone just walked off at the same time. anyway.. that's nearly 2 hours from start to finish.. not sure what the 'record' is for show length, but it was certainly the longest i've seen of theirs.

    unfortunately that was my last show for this tour. hopefully they'll make another round and i don't have to wait another 2 years to see them again.


    photos by brandon wu

    mogwai's us tour diary


    washington d.c. showtime!

    here we are in what is hopefully not going to become sarah palinís new hometown. i suppose thereís a real chance of her becoming vp seeing as the americans had a cocaine and alcohol cowboy in the whitehouse for the last 8 years. but enough of my amateur political commentary already. iíve just noticed that the tour blog has an extreme lack of paragraph breaks and probably too many comma splices so iíll just keep running with that particular ball for now. the 9:30 is quite a good place to play, maybe the only place to play here because we always do this gig. there is lovely soup ready for us which means a great day will be had by all. barry Ďnon-sequitursí burns here. i see esteban (our merch man) perform an uncanny imitation of a gorilla. we meet some baby cats outside the venue which alerts martin to his stray cat surrogate father role. iím not sure they enjoyed the pepperoni pizza but beggars canít be foodies. clock goes forward and fbís play an extremely loud set as john cummings turns the pa speakers into weapons-grade flamethrowers for an hour. people scream. people scream for mogwai actually. they canít handle anymore ďmusicĒ from two guys checking their emails live on stage. psyche. i am referring to fbís as fbís from now on because i know that my internet savvy grandmother-in-law has been reading this very blog and it may have looked like i was cursing for the sake of it (hi elizabeth!). it used to be the case that i could write anything online before i got married because my own grandmother has no idea what an internet is. indeed, the last time i showed her photos on my laptop she kept saying in an annoyed manner, ďwhatís that wee fly on the screen?Ē referring to the mouse pointer. (hi gran! you wonít read this). anyway, the show we played was really good and the longest show weíve ever done, clocking in at 2 hours. our fingers bleed, our ears ring and our now very tired and old bodies feel like itís time to get the slippers on and the coal fire burning so that we can quickly fall asleep before the hell journey to nyc begins.