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mogwai @ connecticut college, new london, ct, usa 17/10/1997


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    Date confirmed in Stuart Braithwaite's book 'Spaceships Over Glasgow' [2022]


    from matt johnson:

    i saw mogwai at a show they played at the student center at connecticut college, in new london, ct, usa, which judging from the gigography on your site was probably in october '97. that would be about right. i was a senior in high school and randomly showed up to watch a free (as i recall) show. and i had never seen or heard anything like it before. i distinctly remember a guitar neck being rubbed up and down on a stairwell railing at the height of one song. i bought ten rapid (and subsequently played the heck out of it driving around with nothing to do) and my friend joe bummed a marlboro, from the bassist i think. i also think he had a rickenbacker bass, just like mine. i don't remember any other bands playing that night.