bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ planet k, manchester 18/04/2001


stuart's setlist. thanks chris mcdonald.

thanks to nathan.

  • sinewave
  • small children in the background
  • dial:revenge (with gruff rhys)
  • you don't know jesus
  • xmas steps
  • take me somewhere nice
  • helicon 2
  • helicon 1
  • secret pint
  • (punk rock sample)
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong


  • jewish hymn

    thanks to david gill, nathan and john.

    support from the remote viewer


    read the subculture fanzine review.

    from james goldbourne:

    come on the gwai.

    last night in planet k: was tremendous. before and after the gig the members of the band were walking around and chatting to fans - stuart even signed a flyer i had stole off a wall (wow - i'm so mad). that'll be getting framed. fucking brilliant - no airs or graces, just approachable and likeable people. which is: tremendous. it was so uplifting to realise that the band who have changed the way i perceive life arent tw*ts. even made waiting on a cold train platform for 2 and a half hours worth it, dont know if my genitals would agree, but frozen bits is a small price to pay for a night that: was tremendous.

    is fooking right the gwai.

    from rhodri:

    the remote viewer: jesus fucking christ they were shambolic. the main guy was so pissed it was embarrassing. insulting the crowd when you're not particularly well known is not cool. dancing around while not exactly doing anything in particular for long periods of time isn't cool. falling over into mogwai's drum kit during your first song is cool, but that's about all really. pity, because the music was pretty good....

    mogwai were fucking amazing - and the new album is pretty damn good too. but you all know that anyway. and i swear someone threw their underwear at stuart, which is more than slightly worrying.....

    from david gill:

    absolutely stunning show last night (planet k), the 'rock action' tracks sound even better live, especially 'two rights' which takes on 'helicon 1' proportions. personal highlight was 'helicon 2', can anything ever be more perfect than this song?

    i was there with two friends and we were checking out the venue at about six, when who should come out right in front of us but stuart. i was genuinely awestruck. he was really cool, he signed autographs etc. stuart announced they were here to " cheer up the man utd fans" on entering the stage.

    after the show i managed to speak to stuart for what seemed like ages and later dominic and martin. i kept bumping into band members every time i went the toilet, they were all excellent, friendly even when me and my mates were kissing them and saying 'we love you' in slurred drunken scouse.

    i asked stuart what has happened to fear satan, he smiled and said, they will play it for us next time.