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Mogwai @ Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON, Canada 18/06/12


  • Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home
  • Travel Is Dangerous
  • Rano Pano
  • I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
  • Death Rays
  • Killing All The Flies
  • Mexican Grand Prix
  • Auto Rock
  • Ex-Cowboy
  • How To Be A Werewolf
  • Like Herod
  • Glasgow Megasnake


  • Ratts Of The Capital
  • We're No Here

    Thanks Bear and Ryan

    Support from Odonis Odonis

    phoenix concert theatre


    from Bear Hill:

    great show in toronto tonite, marred somewhat by a particularly obnoxious wanker who yelled out for 'xmas steps' right up past the half way mark of the show. stuart was quite beaked off about it and finally put him in his place.

    from Ryan Murray:

    no 'hunted...' which was good for a change. also no 'white noise'. also no 'stop coming to my house' or 'stanley kubrick', both of which i was really hoping for. still a very good setlist, kind of different. the last third of the set was...... heavy, and the noise finale was massive. a couple of overly enthusiastic yellers in the crowd got on the band (and everybody else's) nerves by cheering/yelling during the quiter parts of a couple of songs.... line of the night (sb), when they came out after the encore break: 'we've just got done back there, rehearsing every song we've ever written just in case someone yells something out'. ha.

    no poster for some reason, :(