bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ 'curiosa',usana ampitheatre
west valley city, ut, usa


  • helicon 1
  • hunted by a freak
  • my father my king

    thanks to ben.

    festival info

    'curiosa' touring festival, put together by the cure

    stage 1 - the cure / interpol / the rapture / mogwai
    stage 2 - cursive / the cooper temple clause / head automatica / scarling

    usana amphitheatre (capacity 20,000)


    from salt lake city tribune:

    scotland's mogwai opened the curiosa festival, showcasing three samples of its brand of fuzzy, instrumental noise making. "jewish hymn", its wicked reverberations, was an amazing oratory onslaught. congrats to band leader stuart braithwaite for busting five of his guitar strings.

    from ben:

    mogwai was absolutely incredible, they're one of my favorite bands, and i was about as excited to see them as i was to see the cure. all their songs sound way better live than they do on record. they finished the set off with the 20 minute epic 'my father my king', which was probably the most incredible thing i've ever heard from a live band. the sound was absolutely huge. they finished the song off with a good 5 minutes of feedback, which i enjoyed.