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Mogwai @ La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France 19/03/11


Thanks Karsten

  • White Noise
  • Killing All The Flies
  • Rano Pano
  • I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
  • San Pedro
  • How To Be A Werewolf
  • Death Rays
  • Christmas Steps
  • You're Lionel Richie
  • 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
  • George Square Thatcher Death Party
  • Mogwai Fear Satan
  • Mexican Grand Prix


  • Auto Rock
  • We're No Here

    Thanks Raphael

    Support from RM Hubbert

    la laiterie


    From Raphael:

    sometimes you send your wishes to the universe - and they become true. having seen that mogwai had so far never performed we're no here (THE killer-finisher) on this tour i mentally ordered that track for the laiterie. and when barry started the opening chord in the encore ecstasy was there!!! it was the highlight of a really smashing gig. i've never seen them producing such a broad and spacious sound on stage before. the new songs were really convincing, particularly weird rano pano, punchy san pedro, eloquent white noise, groovy mexican gp and above all that doomy version of lionel richie. luke sutherland did a great guest performance on the always amazing xmas-steps. really good audience in the sold out laiterie too, you couldn't hear anyone chatting during quiet passages. stuart & co. were visibly amused about it.

    footnotes for freaks: i've never seen stuart using the vocoder (thatcher death party) and john playing additional drums (auto rock). only (slightly) negative remark: they could do well without visuals. but all in all: 100 minutes of great delight!!!

    i had kind of an argument after the gig with another big mogwai fan. he was disappointed that they havenít played many of their classics. i think thatís just the point: if you come with fixed expectations and are not ready to follow a band which is constantly developing you may be disappointed indeed. mogwai is no longer just a band of quiet and loud. their new stuff is pretty different. and thatís cooooooooooool.

    From Karsten:

    The gig was probably my favourite of the three I've seen on this tour. Xmas Steps with Luke on violin was a real highlight and that whole bit in the middle of the set (Werewolf to 2 Rights) was great. Cool to see the (re-)premiere of We're No Here. Set length was 105 minutes.

    The audience (sold-out) was very friendly, especially towards RM Hubbert, hardly any talking during his set and he seemed very pleased and happy.

    From a regular Brightlight correspondent:

    Back from Strasbourg. I had to leave early (about 1 hour into Mogwai's set during "Lionel Richie") after I had realized that I was actually losing consciousness.

    The show had sold out in advance and - from my point of view - the actual capacity of the venue was exceeded by at least 200-250 people. People on the pit were packed like sardines in a can and, after a while, there was no fresh air to breathe anymore. It only took about 5 minutes until the first person, a woman standing to my left, started hyperventilating and had to leave the venue.