bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ teatro novedades, santiago, chile 19/05/2002


  • mogwai fear satan
  • you don't know jesus
  • nursery (new)
  • yes! i am a long way from home
  • cody
  • christmas steps
  • star wars (new)
  • helicon i
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong
  • my father my king

    thanks to miguel araos. the band were on stage from 22.20 to 23.50


    photo by miguel araos.


    from miguel araos:

    no mercy from the beginning. mogwai showed their full energy to a numb audience of 900 people.

    stuart appears with a drunken face playing the first chords of ‘mfs’ and all the people (and their ears) surrender to the noise chaos, feeling the vibrations of the sound that emerges from the 8 amps on the stage of the old theatre "novedades" placed near to the downtown, in the old part of the city. in my opinion, ‘helicon 1’, with stuart on bass and dominic playing the first guitar, was the pick of the show, totally emotive (anyway helped by the ‘e’ effect), and the ‘jewish song’ with stuart playing the pedals at the end of the song like a madman, and john scraping the amp with the guitar neck... just at this moment i had put in earplugs, because the feedback and effects were totally monstrous but beautiful.... 90 minutes of the best show in santiago since fugazi in 1997... tremendous.

    from boris orellana:

    the mogwai gig was great. there was great anticipation about seeing mogwai. ‘rock action’ was the best album of 2001 for most of the indie kids . the venue was really crowded (700 people approx).

    the night started with the support act: gnosis, an interesting mix of tarentel, mogwai and sea and cake. they played a 20 minute "experimental set" including some electronics.

    mogwai blew our brains away, starting with ‘fear satan’. the sound was great, the people were really excited with the noisy parts and the slow ones (including barry's flute). throughout the gig, stuart was the leader. he pulled some freaky faces, and encouraged the crowd to enjoy the gig. they played 2 new songs. the first, ‘nursery’, is a slow song, which reminds me of a lullaby, or the low version of "you are my sunshine". sadly , barry's keywords didn’t work. the other new song, ‘star wars’, was classic mogwai...with slow parts and noise explosions...

    stuart told me after the gig that these new songs are ok to play live. they don`t really know if they will add more arrangements in the studio.

    the ending with ‘my father my king’ was catatonic....with the guys doing a lot of noise. john and stuart broke their strings on the end stuart sang a piece of "atmosphere" (joy division) between the wall of noise. great show from the guys. the soundman told me that they broke three amps.

    the guys were very friendly after the gig, signing autographs and chatting with the fans.