bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ variety playhouse, atlanta ga 19/06/2001


  • sinewave (with bardo pond's guitarist)
  • you don't know jesus
  • helicon 2
  • xmas steps
  • like herod
  • cody
  • helicon 1
  • secret pint
  • (punk rock sample)
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong


  • d to e
  • jewish hymn

    thanks to larry fiske.

    support from bardo pond

    barry also joined bardo pond during their first song, and martin played additional drums on 'this time'.


    from d.a.:

    first off, there were so many little cool things that happened at last nights show. during bardo ponds set, barry was on keyboards for the first song. that was cool enough, but during "this time", one of the most awesome things i have ever seen at a show occurred. martin came out and played drums on his set (which was above the rest of the stage) in synch with bardo's drummer. added in with the fact that the constant breeze was blowing the singers hair all over the place while she played flute in a beautiful yellow light was one of those things that gives you chills.

    the guitarist from bardo played bass on sine wave. the boys weren't as tight as they really wanted to be due to several inopportune technical difficulties (strings broken at the wrong times, pedals not working, the keyboards not being on, etc.) but they were having fun with it, so it was great stuff. after having seen them in new york this past march and having them play mostly new stuff, like herod was a welcome kick. on the way to the show my friends and i were listening to iggy and the stooges "i wanna be your dog". therefore, we went nuts when stuart played the riffage from it all during the end of herod. by the time they all realized what he was doing they all were cracking up.

    the helicon\pint\2rights segue was near flawless and pint had major flavor from helicon all in it due to the segue, which only added to its greatness. i was on the monitor in the very front and as they were starting d-e i yawned absent mindedly and quite accidentally while stuart was sitting right in front of me looking right at me. i sort of shrugged like "sorry". he got this big smile on his face and started laughing. my father my king (dom?) clocked in at near 25 minutes with john staying out for a loooooong time playing with the noise. and for one last nice touch, barry gave my friend his last corona near the end of the song when he motioned for it. another great moment from another great 'gwai show.

    from jason rogers:

    i attended the atlanta mogwai show last night. i've only been a fan of the band for two months and the concert was amazing. i have already given mogwai the "great band" status. i can't wait to purchase some more of their albums and to see them again.