bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ henry fonda theatre, hollywood, ca, usa 20/06/03


Thanks yeshnavo

  • stop coming to my house
  • kids will be skeletons
  • mogwai fear satan
  • hunted by a freak
  • ithica 27o9
  • i know you are but what am i?
  • you don't know jesus
  • ratts of the capital
  • helicon 1


  • my father my king

    thanks to ben pablo.

    the show was booked at the last minute to replace the cancelled a.t.p. festival. with ...trail of dead and shannon wright.


    from ben pablo:

    mogwai opened with 'stop coming to my house' which, i thought, was a rather odd choice. this was followed by the dual sonic blasts of 'kids will be skeletons' and 'mogwai fear satan'. the new songs sounded very good live.

    it's a shame that they didn't play 'killing all the flies' at this gig but getting to hear some of the older songs made it worth it, especially 'helicon 1' and 'ithica'. stuart dedicated 'ithica' to ..trail of dead who were the headliners of the show (although it should have been the other way around). then some nutter yelled out "i lost my virginity to this song" as stuart played the opening chords. later, i was tempted to yell out "2 rights" and asking them to beat box but decided not to. (apparently, some of the band's equipment was lost by the british airline which leads me to believe that the drum machine used for '2 rights..' was among them.)

    another interesting moment was barry playing a little bit of 'roadhouse blues' by the doors just before they played 'helicon '1. the closer of 'my father my king' ended with the usual wall of feedback from both stuart, john, and barry. stuart had hooked up some type of telephone hand receiver to his amp and was singing (or speaking) into the receiver although it wasn't very audible. john stayed on stage the longest creating noise with his guitar and his pedals. all in all, despite it being a cody-free setlist, another great show from the 'gwai. hope to see them back in l.a. soon.