bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ showbox, seattle, wa, usa 21/03/2001


  • mogwai fear satan
  • stanley kubrick
  • you dont know jesus
  • cody
  • small children in the background
  • xmas steps
  • secret pint
  • helicon1
  • 2 rights make one wrong
  • jewish hymn


  • helicon 2 (barry on flute)
  • like herod

    phew! that's a long show! thanks to jason justice.

    support by pan sonic

    'the stranger' preview review

    further info

    some info from jason justice on how the show came about:

    another club where i dj at booked the pan sonic show and then a week later another club announced that they were having mogwai the same night.

    the booker for the club new that it would kill the pan sonic show so he contacted their agent and told them they would lose money unless they could move the date.

    they refused, got mad at him, and the show was cancelled.

    but it turns out that pan sonic's people worked something out with the mogwai people, and that's that.

    i am excited to see both of them especially in the same night.

    the only really sad thing is that i would have gotten to spin at the pan sonic show had it been at the original location...

    comments from jason justice

    this is my 3rd time seeing the band. the other 2 times were in much smaller venues.

    fear satan really blew up and was a great start, but from then on things felt weird to me. i started thinking that a lot of their material sounds similar and that set order is very important for their shows. from stanley kubrick to xmas steps, the pacing was off. the songs didnt click. cody was a nice a suprise but the bass was too loud and vocals too soft (i heard them do a beautiful version of this in vancouver.)

    but after the storm of xmas steps things turned around. i really dig secret pint and some feedback carried it right into helicon1, my favorite mogwai track. 2 rights was epic with mad drum machine tinkering at the end. this song makes the new album something special and makes me glad that mogwai are expanding. its a totally 180 for them in terms of mood. its so happy.

    jewish hymn was like a storm of locusts - i was very afraid at this point. and when it was over (which seemed like hours later) i found myself very satisfied. satiated. they could have ended right there and i would still be happy. so the encore was more like the beginning of a second set. like herod pummelled the remaining crowd into the floorboards and everyone went home happy.

    thanks, jason!

    comments from kevin campbell

    pure bliss. louder than last time i saw them. i'm at work at 6:30am and i got home at 4am so i'm still spinning as i write this, but the rendition of '2 rights makes 1 wrong' was unreal. got to see 'stanley kubrick' live, the old favs 'helicon 1' and 'mogwai fear satan' again. the better stuff off "cody". a frequently used keyboard and cello added a lot of dynamic to what is sometimes white noise on the guitars. the 'helicon' had one overpowering distortion and the melody was buried way in the background. 'ex-cowboy' was flawless. it was great. total sell-out too. total euphoria for me. one odd thing was that they opened with 'mogwai fear...' instead of closing.

    thanks kevin.