bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ donau festival, krems, austria 22/04/06


thanks gugaruz

  • auto rock
  • yes! i am a long way from home
  • you don't know jesus
  • christmas steps
  • kids will be skeletons
  • acid food
  • folk death 95
  • helicon 1
  • ratts of the capital
  • we're no here
  • glasgow megasnake


  • hunted by a freak
  • friend of the night
  • ithica 27o9

    show started at 2.30am and finished at 4am on 23rd april 2006. '2 rights' was replaced by 'friend of the night' and 'ithica', presumably because of technical problems. 'travel is dangerous' was not played.

    almost all of the show was radio-broadcast.


    click on the image for larger version.

    photos by florian weiser.