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mogwai @ workplay theatre, birmingham, al, usa 22/04/09

poster by derek prevatt


thanks layne

  • yes! i am a long way from home
  • friend of the night
  • scotland's shame
  • cody
  • i love you, i'm going to blow up your school
  • summer
  • small children in the background
  • i know you are but what am i?
  • i'm jim morrison, i'm dead
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong
  • like herod
  • batcat


  • hunted by a freak
  • mogwai fear satan

    apparently 'ithica 279' (not on the setlist) was played between 'i love you..' and 'summer'? can anyone confirm this?

    support from the twilight sad

    workplay theatre


    from stuart on twitter:

    great show tonight to lots of people who probably hadn't seen us before and seemed a lot closer than usual. good times.

    from layne:

    it was an excellent show. highlights in my opinion were scotlands shame (way louder live than i ever imagined), like herod, batcat, and mogwai fear satan. overall i was extremely pleased... the setlist differed from when i saw them last year and the sound in the venue was incredible as always. i hope the rest of the tour goes this well.


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