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mogwai @ 'wahwah', viva2, germany 22/05/2001


this german tv appearance featured the following songs from hamburg schlachtof, 8/5/01.

  • sinewave
  • xmas steps
  • you don't know jesus

    as well as the

  • dial:revenge (video)


    thanks to jurgen weimer:

    the show 'wahwah' (or 'wah2') features two bands; each get half an hour to talk about their new album and some (live) footage is shown. mogwai and the german band blumfeld shared this show. check viva tv and spex, the magazine that presents 'wah2'.

    stuart, dominic, barry and john fooled around in a playground and celebrated their scottish accents. mogwai introduced themselves, then the first video (sinewave) came up. stuart did the talking, barry had a few lines. they joked around. they promised to try to become the loudest band in the world, even topping manŽoŽwar, then the clip for xmas steps was played. you could hear that for tv the channel put some loudness-filters on.

    they joked about the move from chemikal underground records, saying it was mainly because their old company is into rangers! they dissed blur a bit and asked the german football club st. pauli to change their stadium-song from blur to oasis. then the 'dial: revenge' video was played. in a very short link, stuart mocked some kids on a seesaw, 'you don't know jesus' from the hamburg show was played, the band said "goodbye" and that was it.