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Mogwai @ De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-On-Sea, UK 22/07/11


Thanks Paul

  • White Noise
  • Rano Pano
  • I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
  • Death Rays
  • Cody
  • Letters To The Metro
  • Christmas Steps
  • How To Be A Werewolf
  • San Pedro
  • 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
  • Mexican Grand Prix
  • Batcat


  • My Father My King

    Supported by Errors

    de la warr pavilion


    Preview and interview with Stuart:

    From Neil:

    Last night in Bexhill was rather wonderful, apart from the odd technical glitch (and an idiot heckler!!).
    Errors were excellent too, and it's dawning on me that they could be more successful than they are presently. They have some damn fine tunes. Make sure you see them.

    From Martin:

    That was a great show, excellent to hear Xmas Steps, and where I was standing near the speaker there was practically no chatter at all. Indeed Stuart said something along the lines that it was a nice change to play a show where people actually wanted to listen to the music. At least one of the idiot hecklers got thrown out, because I met him in the pub afterwards (still grumbling - tough).

    San Pedro and Rano Pano have turned into complete monsters now. My second show on this tour,both times Stuart has worn his orange Melt Banana t-shirt, and both times MFMK has been the encore :)

    From Graeme:

    Bexhill gig was great. Set was very Hardcore-heavy as you can see. The band seemed to be enjoying it (altho Barry was struggling at times cos he'd caught a very early flight from Berlin!) as they could say thank you in their own language and were playing to a crowd who'd come to see them rather than a crowd who were waiting for Skunk Anansie or somesuch).

    Crowd was mostly very good except someone shouted "C'mon Mogwai!" very loudly towards the end of the quiet bit of Xmas Steps and then someone else shouted "Shut Up" etc. Other than that it was OK (the bloke who got thrown out episode was odd, he appeared next to me during "Batcat" and seemed to be enjoying himself. But when the band went off him and his mate were chanting "Boring boring Mogwai" and kept shouting for Sweet Leaf! A chap the other side of me got annoyed and didn't understand why they were shouting for a Black Sabbath song which was pretty silly of him and he asked them to be quiet and they didn't so he thumped one of them and then security came over and the noisy blokes got thrown out and the thumper didn't. Thing is, the band weren't actually playing and I'm sure they were just joking but never mind).

    Anyway, it was great to hear MFMK I haven't heard them do that since 2003 and even better they finished with a good ol' slice of Mogwai noise with Stuart putting his guitar on the PA stack and he and John working the pedals, Barry jamming a couple of keys down with plectrums, etc. Great end to a great show.

    Managed to blag some passes and got to speak to the band afterwards. All in very good moods, generous with the rider and the coat hanger sculpture had got even bigger!