bright light ! gigs

stuart dj-ing @ cottier theatre, glasgow 22/10/2001


part of the deepburnt festival.
hood and duke raoul played live.
stuart braithwaite and sirconical dj-ed.


from marceline smith:

last night was pretty damn great.

the much-advertised mogwai guesting thing turned out to be wee stuart dj-ing for well over an hour but he was really fantastic. playing spacemen 3 and the yummy fur at his dj spot at trail of dead was one thing but this was like proper dj-ing. he'd obvioulsy been practicing some fancy mixing skills and managed to stick in a whole bunch of stuff from hip hop to electronica to cheesy garage to heavy metal to sesame street. but i think he mainly likes dj-ing so he can put on a long record every now and again and run about getting another beer and chatting to people. i expect this to get worked in to mogwai's set at some point.

after that we got the first band who were really bad and then a bit more dj-ing from someone else before hood. hood were really great. it all just worked together really well. the electronicy stuff, the guitars, the projections and everything. and they did a fantastically loud rock out bit to finish on.

it was just a shame that it was quite badly attended. the cottier is a really nice old churchy venue but it is out of the town centre and at 9 a night i expect most people won't be going for more than 1 or 2 nights out of the lot. it was also a bit on the loud side so a lot of people, including us, spent half the night in the other room so we didn't have to shout all the time.

from stuart mchugh:

anyone else at the cottier last night? the timings were all to pot, so when i got there the "very special guests" and supposed co-headliners with hood, mogwai, had already done their dj set. seemingly the 'special' performance (which many took to be a live set) never happened, just stuart b playing some records.