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mogwai @ astoria, london 23/01/1997


  • helicon i
  • a place for parks
  • angel vs. aliens
  • summer
  • stereo dee

    nme "brats" show, with pavement, gorky's zygotic mynci and broadcast. mogwai first on.

    stephen malkmus of pavement came up with the oft-repeated quote "mogwai are the band of the 21st century" in response to this show.

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    review, by jason graham

    top tips. when you go to the astoria watch out for the staff because they employ arseholes. also if you have contact lens syndrome, the astoria toilets are not the best place to put them back in. finally if you're going to see pavement don't get in the queue with the heavy metallers, it might be the wrong one.

    the first band was mogwai. but mogwai aren't just any band. tonight was the first time i'd seen them and they gave me goosebumps. i had incredibly high expectations but they couldn't even match the performance we got. live you seem to be able to understand them better than on vinyl. live everything they do makes sense. you actually feel the music. this is the sound i would expect from an oncoming act of nature such as an earthquake or tornado. unfortunately the set only lasted 25 minutes and five songs including the emotive summer. at the end i was speechless. stunned i questioned "were they really that good?" and my friend said "yes".