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mogwai @ club laga, pittsburgh, usa 23/05/2002


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  • c#
  • you don't know jesus
  • yes! i am a long way from home
  • christmas steps
  • helicon 1
  • star wars
  • secret pint
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong


  • my father my king

    thanks to andrew fogelsong

    support from mighty flashlight

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    from aaron cooke:

    i was at both the pittsburgh and louisville mogwai shows recently. i had tickets in advance to both shows, but i believe the louisville show was sold out while in pittsburgh tickets were still available at the door.

    the pittsburgh show was my first mogwai show. the only shirt i saw said "mogwai cunt" on it which i didn't figure i could wear very often since i have 2 small kids but i did pick up a mogwai/bardo pond tour ep for $6 (leftover from last year's us tour i guess). i arrived right at the end of miighty flashlight's set (after driving from columbus, oh) and mogwai took the stage about 35 mins. after they finished. the sound was great and there a lot of younger people in the crowd. my only complaint about this show was i thought it could have been louder, i was about 3 rows back from the stage and was ok without earplugs, but the bar was quite large so that's probably why. it was still an extrememly loud show. the show lasted just over an hour and a half closing of course with my father my king.

    after driving back to columbus, i woke up the next morning and drove to louisville. caught most of miighty flashlight this night and they were followed by a band called parlour who i thought was quite good although their drummer seemed to be on something...he kept dropping his drumsticks. the louisville show was about the same length as pittsburgh with a few different songs, but they were plagued by sound problems first with stuart's guitar and then later during the song with the flute (really bad with titles) they could get the levels jacked up enough to hear anything...both times you could tell the band was getting seriously pissed. i thought it made them play a bit more intensely when they got to the rocking parts and i found the louisville show to be louder, but it was a smaller club. overall i enjoyed the louisville show more, while my girlfriend liked the pittsburgh show more. it was a lot of driving but i think it was worth it.