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mogwai @ barrowlands, glasgow, scotland 23/09/06

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  • mogwai fear satan

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    from katrina:

    saw mogwai at glasgow barrowlands last night. they seemed quite subdued though, which i didn't expect after celtic's victory. pretty decent rendition of mogwai fear satan for an encore.

    from marceline:

    this was the fourteenth time i'd seen them and they suckered me in again. glasgow mega snake and friend of the night were particularly brilliant. and mogwai fear satan didn't bore me to tears for once.

    from jonathan:

    having seen mogwai on numerous occasions and in numerous countries, i wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary tonight. i was, however, blown away by the noise levels. it kind of upset me, as opener ithica has always been known for its shift in dynamics. the changes from quiet to heavy were not so easily discernable as everything just seemed "loud". saying that it could have been partly down to kid 60sucks. he did a good job wrecking everyones ear drums before the 'gwai had a chance to assault us aurally. what a loser. i wonder if he has ever heard of the term "moderation"? the crowd booed him off and rightly so. talk about headache material? anway the 'gwai rocked out and pleased as usual. overall a good gig, but not one of the best.