bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ irving plaza, new york city, ny 24/06/2001

setlist (as written)

  • satan
  • small kids
  • jesus
  • hel. 2's
  • x-cowboy
  • cody
  • 2 rights
  • hel. 1's
  • x-mas steps


  • sine wave
  • jewish

    thanks to bob ciullo.

    support from bardo pond

    mogwai joined bardo pond at the end of their support set to play on 'tommy gun angel'. michael from bardo pond played on 'sinewave'.


    from bob ciullo:

    one of the guitarists from bardo pond played bass on helicon 1 and mlk's "i have a dream" speech was played throughout sine wave. everyone but john joined bardo pond when they finished with 'tommy gun angel'. and they were introduced by isobel saying, "ladies and gentlemen, this is the guitar army."

    funniest moment came during x-mas steps, when dominic plucked the first two bass notes and stuart was jolted from his shoes. the entire band and crew were laughing at this one for a while.

    incredible show.

    from mark palmer:

    bardo pond's glasses-wearing guitar player provided the bass part for 'sine wave' while dominic played guitar next to john. stuart getting scared by dominic's bass during 'xmas steps' was one of the funniest things i have ever seen. he literally jumped and looked petrified. stuart did the singing thing during 'my father...' again. also, the version of 'my father..' was twenty seven minutes.

    from charles wang:

    we were right in the front, only one row of people away from the stage. and when the roadie put down the set list, i excitedly tapped my friend henlee on the shoulder and pointed at the songs. he peeked and gave me an approving thumbs up. every song on the list was a favorite!

    luckily our prediction proved right, as mogwai's show was incredible - perhaps the only let down was the intro choice of fear satan. it being my favorite song, i was expecting only bliss, and although good it didn't have the oomph on the album. probably owing to the dismal volume levels of barry's flute playing. (the flute, man, mfs is all about the flute!) the sound crew didn't equalize it right (obviously they hadn't listened to any of the albums as stuart looked angrily and pointed at them later on during cody, cos his mic was set so low the voice got lost).

    problems aside the rest of the show was amazing. playing small children right after fear satan, definitely bridged nicely into jesus. and was it me? or did the songs on "rock action" sound much better during the nyc show than on the album. especially 2 rights, which i argue was the best song that night. though it definitely did have competition. i was floored when they moved from a blissful cody, to helicon 1, and then to 2 rights. just utterly amazing, like having a lighted firework thrown into your eye. again x-mas step was funny cos dom surprised stuart was some bass - heh tricky lil' devil.

    sine wave with its martin luther king "i have a dream" speech feedback was great. it really meshed well, definitely better than football on cody. makes me wonder why they didn't give it the treatment on the album. and jewish song was-ummm.long. heh, they revved up the crowd for 27mins, before finally leaving the stage with the music still playing. i think they looped some of the feeding back. i was cool, how they each walked off one by one, and the music only stopped when the roadies pulled the plug.

    on two sides notes, mogwai all seemed happy. except for stuart who looked kind of tired and really serious - though he did crack a smile occasionally. and the crowd was amazing for this show. thanks all for being good. it was so nice. we all had about 2 feet of room to move throughout the entire show-no one pushed up into the front. and everyone was courteous.

    and on one last finally note ( i promise!) i met barry and john outside before the show. it was soo funny, cos we didn't have anything to give them to sign. i winded up giving them the back of my salonist's business card. and my friend gave them a radiohead single he had just bought! they were supernice though, and laughed at the whole thing. they even say, "oh we're a lil' late" but hung around to chat with us for a bit. these guys are great, musicians and as people. good job guys, you'll own the world soon if you continue like this.

    from manny dominguez:

    the first day wasnít as good as the second though.....which was an amazing show....the best iíve seen mogwai....they were amazing. i got there early and barry and john were signing autographs for some kids that were there....i gave barry a few pictures i took from the philly show...he seemed to appreciate the gesture....saying..."aye tremendous"....

    but the show was amazing....everyone from mogwai except for john came on stage for the last bardo pond song..."the scottish guitar army" i think i heard the girl say....but that was amazing....5 bass....two drums...and one female was the heaviest thing iíve ever a wall of sound....the crowd was going crazy!

    they were doing some interesting things during the 'jewish song' (which they closed with both nites). the first nite stuart cut all his strings off his guitar and stood it up against his amp then did some weird things with his effects pedals....then put on a pair of headphones (which he was wearing for all the songs he sang) and started screaming or chanting into the mic while he was manipulating his effects pedals....and then john starting going crazy with his guitar and twisted the tuner knobs on all his strings until the broke....(at one point before all this but during the jewish song on the first nite i noticed stuart signal up to their personal sound tech to turn everything i guess they wanted to go as loud as possible) but again the second nite was much more one point (i forget which song) but it was all quite except for stuart playing softly when all of a sudden dominic came in with the bass extremely loud....and it scared the piss out of stuart ...the crowd and the band were all laughing....his expression was the funniest things iíve ever seen.....

    also stuart put a new sticker on his reads "donít mess with texasĒ and they had some weird things on the stage ..such as painting of a clown and a huge plastic beer bottle with the cubs logo (an american baseball team from chicago) on it.....

    i dunno its sad that they left the states and probably wont be back for awhile but it was amazing while it lasted.

    they had a ton of tour eps on sale at the show as well as a new tshirt which had drawings of animals on it and read "i will/will not eat my friends"