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mogwai @ 'curiosa', sound advice amphitheatre
west palm beach, fl, usa


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    thanks, alfonso and jared bish. if you have details on the rest of the setlist, please get in touch

    festival info

    'curiosa' touring festival, put together by the cure

    stage 1 - the cure / interpol / the rapture / mogwai
    stage 2 - thursday / auf der maur / the cooper temple clause / head automatica

    sound advice amphitheatre (capacity 18,900)


    from stuart braithwaite, on

    there were many aspirations that we had when we started this band. many things we wanted to achieve and places we wanted to go. it must be said that playing at tea time in an empty stadium in florida was probably not one of them. going on tour with one of my favourite bands (the cure) alongside a good few of our friends was an opportunity i jumped at, but the harsh reality of sporadically scattered confused floridians staring at our pasty frames wasn't quite what i imagined. it was outrageously hot and i'm guessing that most folks stayed inside until they really had to. it was all a bit odd and stayed much the same whilst the rapture were on. interpol fared better as it as getting dark and they have the luxury of having some hits. the cure were majestic, though the encore was a bit cheery for my liking.

    from jared bish:

    the one thing different about wpb as opposed to the other shows, they didn't end their set in their usual onslaught of guitar feedback. i think they were pretty unimpressed at the sheer lack of people there when they came on stage. it was pretty dead. i felt bad for them, but they still put on an awesome show. they went on stage at 5:30 and left the stage at 5:53. 23 minutes is just way too short! i wish the rapture wasn't even on this tour and mogwai could've filled their slot too and played for an hour.

    miami new times:

    what should have been a more balanced orchestration of hip musical homage by the first two opening acts felt more like inspired rehearsal sessions. in a doleful concert season that has left a once-mighty lollapalooza festival in the state of a flattened brass instrument, the scattered audience (which grew to capacity as the evening wore on) at a pyrotechnics-barren stage for the brief, dronish, supernal set by scottish outfit mogwai and the lauded dance-club stabbings of new york's the rapture was prematurely disconcerting, doing little to support a recent exposť in entertainment weekly magazine on the vanishing chasm of popularity between a upwardly mobile indie rock scene and zeta bro rock.

    palm beach post:

    the evening began with head automatica on the secondary stage, followed by the spooky cool electronic instrumentals of mogwai. the scottish band would be the perfect choice for a score for the next wackily atmospheric david lynch picture.


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    photo by ryan.