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mogwai @ reading festival, reading, uk 24/08/1997

set list

  • helicon 1
  • like herod

    finishing with:

  • stereo dee

    order unknown, incomplete

    if anyone has a full setlist, please get in touch.

    last show with brendan o'hare

    festival line-up:
    main stage: metallica •terrovision •bush •marilyn manson •dinosaur jr •3 colours red•l7•descendents •dog eat dog •feeder
    melody maker stage: •the verve •audioweb •beth orton •embrace •subcircus •bennet •hurricane#1•olivia tremor control •mogwai •arnold •toaster

    review, from nme

    and by the way: COME ON! the point of today is extremity, you see, and mogwai make this their own. shorn of head in preparation for attaining the right level of intensity for recording their debut album, they are a bemusing, beautiful and unfailingly extreme noise.
    "DEATH TO FALSE METAL!" screams stuart braithwaite before the band play the truly hectic 'like herod', and stray marilyn manson fans recoil in horror. for this is the real thing. this is music.

    review, from melody maker

    christ almighty! that wet, gurgling sound you heard was my heart leaping straight out of my mouth. mogwai just surprised me with a leviathan of sound straight out of nowhere. tunes or no tunes, mogwai are by no means dull. you just have to tune in a tad to get them. and open your eyes. three men in the photo pit, rolling over each other, hitting their guitars together, sending bolts of feedback through our ears, knocking us senseless. like or loathe, mogwai do, at least, perform.